New York City dancers get creative to find funding

Sophie Sotsky, the artistic director and founder of the modern dance company, TYKE DANCE, is familiar with the trope of the “starving artist.” “Everybody has a Kickstarter every week. It’s like, ‘Okay everyone, give your $15 to this person, then the next week it’s this person.’ And it’s the same dollar bill that’s just going … Continue reading New York City dancers get creative to find funding

Lizard Self

When Emily comes to visit I feel like I can shed my outer skin and reveal the lizard that lies beneath. This is a weird analogy. (But this comic by Rubyetc. explains it really well.) Being with someone you've know for so long (12 yrs, people!), that you can be your terrible self around, is … Continue reading Lizard Self

Back At It

Back at blogging instead of studying. Some things I love about living in Chinatown (so far) : Old people intensely playing cards in the park. Abundance of fruits and veggies. Cool street art. Short and colorful buildings. Seeing counterfeit bag transactions. Some things I love about being back in school (so far) : Reading romantic … Continue reading Back At It

Marjorie Mortensen: Queen of GreenFlea

Marjorie Mortensen, a 78-year-old vendor at the GreenFlea Market on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, offers much more than the jewelry she has displayed at her booth. She'll trade jokes, give restaurant recommendations, and tell stories about some of the fascinating people she's met being a flea market vendor for 30 years, all while styling some of her costume jewelry and a fun pair of glasses.