Fall Break Photo Diary

Just when we are beginning to stress out, NYU gives us a fall break. It’s amazing how one day off can make that much of a difference, but normal two-day weekends are just too short. It’s nice to have some free time in New York, because there are always things to see and do.

The weekend started after work on Friday, when I had basically planned to watch TV and eat candy corn all evening, but got pulled into the pouring rain by my friend Catherine. It was worth it to see this cool folk duo play at the Bitter End.

IMG_2580Jesse & Jeremy. I loved their cover of “Jolene.”

Afterwards, the rain had stopped and Catherine and I headed to her place, where she has an amazing view of the East River. We made cookies and drank wine. There really is no better way to spend a Friday night.


On Saturday morning, Judy and I got up early to go to yoga (Ok, not early… more like 11am, but still. It’s Saturday!) which turned out to be cancelled. So we got lunch & coffee at the B Cup Cafe in Alphabet City.

IMG_2586One of my favorite places.

After a long amount of time spent chatting/lazing about, we headed to the Whitney Museum in Chelsea. It reminded us a lot of the Centre Pompidou; there was great modern art and a beautiful view of the city.

IMG_2588Oui? Non.

In Freshman year, because we were in Europe, a lot of our friends went traveling over the fall break, but Judy and I decided to stay in Paris and see things/eat food. It was one of the first times I remember spending a lot of time with her, and so it seemed right to spend fall break together again eating food and seeing art. I really miss Paris sometimes–the city, but also the specific time, circumstances, and people of that year I spent there.

IMG_2591Cool sculpture balconies.

Yesterday some Original Paris People and some New New York Friends celebrated our Third Annual Canadian Thanksgiving, another tradition that started in Paris. Our cooking abilities have improved greatly over three years. (Or I should say Judy’s have, because she cooked an amazing spread with only the help of me and Noah mashing potatoes with our fists.)

IMG_2605Legit dinner party status. We accidentally color coordinated our outfits.

And finally today, on my day off I am getting to the things that need to be done… groceries, overdue library books, etc. But it’s not the worst thing in the world because of my fulfilling weekend. I also have something to look forward to: Emily’s coming next weekend! Gonna be wild.


Happy Monday, everyone!


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