The Sunday Bar

"What's your favorite part about France?" This is a question I've been asked many times over the last month as I've introduced myself to class after class of English-learning French high schoolers. It's an easy answer, even if it may be a fudged truth. "The food." After that comes a nod of understanding from everyone … Continue reading The Sunday Bar


“Ripple Effect” – Digital Media Week in AZ

Last week I headed to Arizona State University's Cronkite School of Journalism to participate in the Dow Jones News Fund digital media program with 10 other student journalists who had been selected from around the country. After a few days brushing up on our digital media skills, we got to work reporting on the issue of child drownings in … Continue reading “Ripple Effect” – Digital Media Week in AZ

C’est Fini

A common theme at NYU graduation ceremonies is the anecdote of that infamous first week: the wide-eyed freshman moving into their dorm in the big city, exploring the bustling Washington Square Park with wonder, meeting everyone on their freshman dorm floor and immediately becoming friends only to never speak again after Welcome Week. I don't have the same memory. Looking … Continue reading C’est Fini