The Spirit of Guillaume

October snuck up on me because one second I was in Summer Mode, riding motorcycles, eating junk food, going camping and playing with cats all day long and then... leaves were falling off trees that were lined up against the remains of a castle in a small town in Normandy. Which is where I live … Continue reading The Spirit of Guillaume


“Ripple Effect” – Digital Media Week in AZ

Last week I headed to Arizona State University's Cronkite School of Journalism to participate in the Dow Jones News Fund digital media program with 10 other student journalists who had been selected from around the country. After a few days brushing up on our digital media skills, we got to work reporting on the issue of child drownings in … Continue reading “Ripple Effect” – Digital Media Week in AZ

C’est Fini

A common theme at NYU graduation ceremonies is the anecdote of that infamous first week: the wide-eyed freshman moving into their dorm in the big city, exploring the bustling Washington Square Park with wonder, meeting everyone on their freshman dorm floor and immediately becoming friends only to never speak again after Welcome Week. I don't have the same memory. Looking … Continue reading C’est Fini

Easter Brunch

I've recently had a Pinterest reawakening. Yes, you do have to sift through thousands of truly horrible recipes for things like 5-minute blender enchilada sauce or various low fat salad dressings, but buried beneath all that are endless links to lifestyle blogs that always have a neat DIY that will help you forget about everything that's … Continue reading Easter Brunch

The DŌ Saga

First there were cronuts. Then, cookie shot glasses, rainbow bagels and literally anything made with matcha. And now? There's DŌ, a tiny shop located just a block south of Washington Square Park (where I go to school) that sells cookie dough like it's ice cream. People are crazy about it. Here's what happens with all food phenomenons (in my estimation): First, someone … Continue reading The DŌ Saga