Jardin Journale: After the rain

It's been raining nonstop for the past month. But this week was one of the worst yet. Day after day of unrelenting rainfall left me feeling like I might drown in the growing mud puddle surrounding my house. So when the clouds parted Friday afternoon and I saw blue sky for the first time in … Continue reading Jardin Journale: After the rain

Getting our hands dirty

We don't wake up with the sunrise to get out in the garden. It's still winter, we're still young and waking up slowly and sweetly is too lovely to give up. Besides, we know that just as much can be done in the warmth of a setting afternoon sun as in the morning. In the … Continue reading Getting our hands dirty

Haiku Wednesday

Leaves fall, a breeze blows. The transition to Autumn is easy this year. One reason for that is this Victorian town: a beauty in fall. I find most solace from the warmth of another; close on those cold days.