Lizard Self

When Emily comes to visit I feel like I can shed my outer skin and reveal the lizard that lies beneath.

This is a weird analogy. (But this comic by Rubyetc. explains it really well.)

Being with someone you’ve know for so long (12 yrs, people!), that you can be your terrible self around, is a bit like going home to your childhood bedroom and flopping down on your bed with a sigh of relief. Or shedding your humanity to reveal that you are actually a lizard. Whatever.

IMG_2631Balancing coffee between our legs and eating a giant sin-roll

It is also a bit exhausting because Em and I like to do as many things as possible in the amount of time she is here, so by the end we are like dead people walking around with lipstick smudges on our lattes.

Here are some highlights from this past weekend:

IMG_2629Walking across the Williamsburg bridge. Cool graffiti.

IMG_2626When I asked Em what she wanted to do while in NY, she said “Eat delicious food. Drink good coffee. That’s about it.” I said, “That’s pretty much what I do every weekend so sounds good.”

IMG_2621This is an aesthetically pleasing bathroom (at Two Hands).

IMG_2628Blurry snapchat selfies.

IMG_2624Street art in Brooklyn. Em and I like to talk about politics, which is something that’s developed in our friendship as we’ve gotten older. (You can’t sustain a relationship on talking about American Girl dolls forever I guess.) We have a great balance of agreement vs. disagreement to make the conversation really interesting. (Em’s a Bernie fan, I’m a Hillary fan. But we don’t let it come between us).

I really hope everyone has someone they can be their lizard selves with.


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