Back At It

Back at blogging instead of studying.


Some things I love about living in Chinatown (so far) :

  1. Old people intensely playing cards in the park.
  2. Abundance of fruits and veggies.
  3. Cool street art.
  4. Short and colorful buildings.
  5. Seeing counterfeit bag transactions.



Some things I love about being back in school (so far) :

  1. Reading romantic literature.
  2. My super sweet math professor whose goal is to make math fun for all of us liberal arts kids.
  3. Walking through New York City to get to class, listening to good tunes and smiling as if I am in a movie montage.
  4. Not having very much homework because it’s only been the first week.


Some things I love about being back in New York:

  1. All types of food, available at any time of the day.
  2. Museums & student prices.
  3. Friends.

IMG_2405Tacoway Beach (At Rockaway beach).

IMG_2395At the Met’s “China: Through the Looking Glass” fashion exhibit.


Relaxing (getting sunburned) at Rockaway Beach.

I was worried about abandoning my summer island calm for the craziness of NYU, but my first week has actually been very relaxed and fun. I think maintaining my calm is more about my attitude then it is about my environment.

Hope everyone has had a smooth start to the school year, and an excellent Labor Day weekend!


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