Five Things

It’s been a crazy busy week, but I’ve been trying to take a quick break now and then to enjoy being back in New York, surrounded by art and creativity.

IMG_24831. Some great street art on Lafayette St. that I walk by every day on the way to school. (And now that Mr. Robot is my new favorite TV show, I get extra happy every time I walk by this hidden portrait of Elliot!)

IMG_24762.  I live so close to the Hudson river now! Perfect for Sunday evening sunset-watching.

IMG_24653. New life motto? I loved this from the exhibit at the Center for Book Arts where Judy interned over the summer.

Right now I am working on choosing a “beat” for my Reporting NYC Subcultures class and I’m finding it so difficult because New York is so alive with so many cultures and subcultures and sub-subcultures. In the class we are exploring how a city can be a breeding ground for arts and culture and it makes me picture New York as a petri-dish, not growing germs (although that is also probably true) but growing the newest and coolest artists, musicians, poets, writers, dancers, and everything inbetween. I think the city has always been this way and I really hope it never dies. Human creativity is so inspiring to me!

IMG_24704. New cool zines that I got at the New York Art Book Fair in Queens.

IMG_24845. It’s now autumn, but the days are still incredibly beautiful and warm. The chilling memory of last winter is still on my mind as a warning to enjoy it while I can.


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