Meet Eleanora…

The Port Townsend Marine Science Center's new Giant Pacific Octopus This story was published in the Port Townsend Leader.  She’s friendly, but reserved. She likes to play, but she’s also dignified. She’s a lady, but she also likes to eat fish popsicles. Her name is Eleanora, and she’s a Giant Pacific Octopus. “We’re still getting … Continue reading Meet Eleanora…


Past Perfect in Chelsea

Lunchtimes, and at all times, Chen Lieh Tang can be glimpsed in his Chelsea kitchen leaning into steaming pots of Chinese egg noodles, mixing sauces, and teaching his cooks the tricks of his trade. Since the March opening of his restaurant, Shorty Tang Noodles, on Eighth Avenue and 15th Street, the 64-year-old Tang has been … Continue reading Past Perfect in Chelsea

Bringing LGBTQ history to life

Eric Marcus, a journalist, author and historian, lives across the street from radio producer Sara Burningham in West Chelsea. With his three-decade-old audio archive of interviews with LGBTQ activists, icons and allies combined with Burningham’s production skills, the two neighbors have created a podcast, “Making Gay History.” The podcast first launched in October 2016 and … Continue reading Bringing LGBTQ history to life