Ici Loin Du Monde Réel


“Go home. Put your best record on. Loud as it’ll play. And with every note, you remember: That’s something the darkness couldn’t take from you.”

— Detective Fred Thursday to Endeavour Morse while the sun sets against the background of the Oxford skyline. (And also me, to myself while reenacting the scene on the tower of the St. Mary’s church in Oxford last week.)


I think Oxford would make an amazing setting for a post apocalyptic movie. Some of the old buildings seem like they’re just waiting to become ruins. Trees growing through their windows, the occasional zombie hidden behind a falling down wall. There’s just something unrealistic about Oxford.


Endeavour Season One, Episode One

It’s probable that the reason I feel this way is because my favorite TV show is set in Oxford, and therefore I feel as if it’s a town that was made to be a backdrop. As I walked around, I felt like I already knew where I was.


From inside the room where the Gryffindors learn to dance for the Yule Ball in the fourth movie.

And then there were actual real life college students there, which honestly threw me for a loop even though it shouldn’t have. Studying in the library. Getting lunch at the cheap sandwich shop. Wearing their college sweatshirts and nearly running me over on their bikes. I went to college in New York City, so it was almost impossible for me to imagine what it must be like to be a college student at Oxford. So small, so scenic, so many important historical figures.


The sun broke through the clouds for a moment.


Did not see any dead bodies. Did see people rowing boats, though.

As I took a break after touring the library I decided that maybe I should go to Oxford. I don’t know what I would study or how to get it in, but I feel it is a definite possibility for me. Either that or becoming a police detective.


This city needs me.

Anyway… this was me the entire time I was there:

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