Easter Brunch


I’ve recently had a Pinterest reawakening. Yes, you do have to sift through thousands of truly horrible recipes for things like 5-minute blender enchilada sauce or various low fat salad dressings, but buried beneath all that are endless links to lifestyle blogs that always have a neat DIY that will help you forget about everything that’s going wrong in your life and instead create a really great Instagram projection of how Everything Is Pretty Great.

Anyway, to satisfy my DIY craving and my love for Easter I tried making these marble indigo dyed eggs which were fun because they still look cool even if they’re not totally perfect like the lifestyle bloggers make them.

They’re really easy, too, and actually way less time consuming then the old vinegar water and food coloring dye-technique. Put some drops of blue nail polish in a (disposable) bowl of water, dip the egg in, and you’ve got yourself a Possibly Toxic Marbled Egg.

I got these Special blue health eggs from the health food store, which added to the blueness of my Indigo eggs. They were so pretty on their own I considered not even dyeing them at all.


I know nail polish is toxic, but I was trusting that the egg shell would protect the egg inside from becoming contaminated. Anyway I ate a few of them and haven’t died yet.

My next endeavor was a Danish Raspberry Pastry Braid, which was really fun to make. The dough had a lot of rolling and folding, which made me feel like I was on the Great British Baking Show. It was perfect for an Easter brunch, so I squeezed some fresh orange juice, cut up some fruit and shared with Judy & Noah.


Photo credit on this one goes to Judy

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