Field Notes


It’s 65 degrees in New York today. My soul, once broken by the cold weather, is fully healed. And I remembered that I love life, living, and things that are alive.

I also found a hoard of notes on my phone with quotes from friends, family and passerby. Here are some of my favorites:

“My least favorite part about the warm weather is that everyone will make posts that say Spring Has Sprung….. Sprung the f*ck off of my feed.”

“Before I even got to know him I was like, ‘His name is Brad.'”

“Our cats name is Colonel Chesapeake Beauregard Butane the Third.” “He was probably at the battle of Antigua.”

“If you get a baby dog you’ll be very sorry.”

“I look sporty but it’s a lie, I just ate half a chicken.”


(Matthew said one of those quotes but you have to guess which one.)

And the best one, a joke told by an old man in a coffee shop:

Old man: Seagulls don’t exist.

Coffee shop owner: Well what are they?

Old man: We call them seagulls because they’re by the sea, but if they were by the bay they’d be…

Coffee shop owner: …bagels.


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