One Summer Day

Judy’s kitchen has a max capacity of 2 people. But that’s okay because it was just the two of us on a stifling hot Saturday when we thought we couldn’t go to the beach because it was going to rain so instead we made desserts.

Lots of desserts.


Photo credit: Judy Gu


We’re really in to strawberry desserts at the moment.



Our initial plan was to make a bunch of pastries and sell them at our own lemonade stand like we were kids. Well, actually our initial, initial plan was to go to the beach. But there was the possibility of thunderstorm, so instead we decided on four recipes: a strawberry cake, lemon bars, showgirl cupcakes and an orange syrup cake.


None of our recipes had radishes, they just looked so tempting at the farmer’s market.

So it turns out that baking non stop for 5-6 hours is pretty tiring. By the end, it was too dark to go sell the pastries at our homemade lemonade stand, so suddenly Judy and I had a lot of dessert for just two people.

But there was something about having the product of a hard day’s work be as tangible as a variety of baked goods that made the work worthwhile.

So far, my summer is a lot like that day. Working hard, but feeling good about it. Soaking up the warmth, riding my NYU bike, smelling the trash that is marinating on the hot sidewalk, reading books, hanging out with my new roommates Holly & Carolyn (who are really cool & nice & fun & wanted me to write about them on here).


And now, I have a week left in the Trash City before I head out for my Real Vacation.


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