Summers Of My Future

As my junior year finished, I realized that when I try to envision the summers of my future, all I see is a giant black hole of nothingness. Maybe a trip to the Grand Canyon. But mostly void.


Me, before and after finals.

My current summer does not have any void-like qualities to it. I have been spending my days peacefully, reading books, eating peaches, getting ice cream every time I see a Mr. Softee truck. Etc.

(Also been going to work – how else am I going to afford all that luxury?)


Summer treats.

Let me be clear: I’m not about to have a Carpe Diem, live-like-the-world-ends-tomorrow (or live-like-you’re-going-to-enter-into-the-capitalist-work-force-pit-of-despair-in-order-to-pay-off-your-loans-tomorrow) kind of summer. Thinking like that only stresses me out.

However, Judy and I have been throwing out “we should do [insert activity] this summer” ideas for the last couple of months, so we put together a list (on a shared google doc because we are Millennial Trashâ„¢) of summer plans.

Making the list reminded me a lot of my summers when I was a kid. My mom used to have Lois and I plan a lot of summer activities, like going on one hike a week, going for a picnic on Jetty Island, or visiting family.


Look how perfect this peony is.

Since the future is void, I thought I might as well spend this summer like childhood me.

A few items that are on our list:

  • Beach party
  • Going to the beach
  • Eating watermelon at the beach
  • etc.

Of course, I’ll only be in New York until my internship at Democracy Now! ends in July, and then I’ll be returning home to the island, where my usual summer routine is: wake up, ride motorcycle to beach, lie on beach, ride motorcycle home, spend evening playing badminton with my dad, and repeat.

(I will sacrifice this extremely relaxing routine should any of my home friends/family want to hang out with me. I’ll be home July & August. Hint hint!)

What are your summer plans?


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