You know it’s spring in New York when…

The brunch lines are out to the street on a sunny Sunday…

And people start to wear something other than black.


Colorfully dressed bald men going to brunch.

The weather this winter was weird but I won’t spend too much time on it because we all know what’s happening with the climate (except for Ted Cruz). But, it finally feels like maybe? it might be spring.


There’s no tulip festival in New York, unfortunately.

This year, the transition to spring in New York came with excitement as the presidential race headed to the city. The Bernie vs. Hillary tension has been in the air for a couple weeks now. I didn’t run into Hillary on the subway, but I did attend the massive Bernie rally in Washington Square Park (and therefore have the inclination to think that Bernie could win on Tuesday, but I’m still not sure I would place money on that bet.)


27,000 attended the rally. The one today in Brooklyn apparently had 28,000 attendees.

New York is an exciting state to be in for a presidential primary! My favorite bit so far has been seeing the performance artist going around dressed as Trump allowing people to beat him up for a small fee. The dedication is real.

I love how New Yorkers are willing to hit the streets and rally for their candidate, but also won’t put up with campaigning in places it doesn’t belong. For example, when students in the Bronx wrote a letter to their principle to cancel Ted Cruz’s visit, or when 1,000 people protested Trump outside the Grand Hyatt.

I have to say I feel like I have front row seats to the election right now, partially because I work for a news broadcast, but also because New York is just being New York. It’s hard to miss things here.


Everyone at the rally was kind, polite and eager to talk with other supporters.

After Tuesday things will probably start to go back to normal, and then I’m in the home stretch to summer vacation… where I will hopefully have a lot more time to write blog posts! I’ve been lacking a bit this semester.

For now, let’s hope my final projects & exams don’t eat me alive… and that John Kasich wins New York instead of Cruz or Trump. (Unlikely. Is John Kasich even here?? Has he given up???)


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