The good kind of tired

The good kind of tired is when you’re exhausted but warm from being slightly sun-tanned, a bit sore from walking too much in blister-y shoes, and kind of dirty with frizzy hair. It’s the kind that comes from waking up early to spend a day in the city with your BFF, eating street food that you will probably regret later, glancing at modern art, sitting in the sun, taking the subway like ten times in one afternoon. That kind of tired.

IMG_1089You can tell in this photo that she knows she owns the world.

IMG_1082This is a very Lily+Emily thing to do. Coffee, pastries, Vogue.

IMG_1074Thank. the. lord. spring has finally sprung.

IMG_1093Cutie alert.

There’s my life at home and then there’s my life here at school. And I’m not saying I’m a secret agent with two lives or anything (which is exactly what a secret agent with two lives would say!!) but it feels so good to have a best friend who can connect those two worlds.

So my current tiredness is not the hopelessness of final exams and papers, but rather the hopefulness of spring and the semester’s end and summer plans made with my best friend.

Happily tired.


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