The Restorative Powers of Cats and the Sun

If this winter goes on any longer I think we will all perish.

I switched to wearing my trench coat instead of my winter coat, but then had to switch back this week because temps dropped into the low 40’s again.

Today I didn’t wear a coat at all and in the wind I was dying. But then we (Judy, Noah, Matthew & me after going to Judy’s Foodieodicals Fair at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn) found a lovely spot at that one park by Bedford Ave and the sun soaked into my body and I felt like I could sit there and never move. Like my body was just sinking into my surroundings.


Bright & Warm & Sleepy

Finally in the last two weeks the New York winter has really gotten to me. Because it’s April but it feels like what March should feel like. March felt like February. February felt like hell if hell was a wintry tundra. And each time there’s a sunny day I think, today is the day! Today spring begins! I will be able to stop wearing fleece-lined tights! I will get my sandals out of the closet!

It fools me every time.

IMG_0822be a little artsier would you matthew??

It’s also that point in the semester where everything is horrible and I refuse to do any of my class readings and can it just be summer already?? So I find pleasure in small things, like flower arrangements and having long discussions about Harry Potter with my friends and Persian cats with cute squishy faces.

IMG_0796My friend Hannah’s cat Moishe. He is a sweetie, despite the grump face. (Follow Moishe on Instagram)

IMG_0819Fleur de Brooklyn

IMG_0830L’art de Brooklyn.

I’ve always felt that I am good at finding extreme happiness in little–often materialistic–things. Like the steam from a really good cup of tea, or a lemon bar, or a new dress. It’s harder when after that moment of pure joy I feel dragged down again by an unending workload and lack of motivation. But even though I’m tired all the time these days and I can’t seem to relax, and even though living in New York is a million times harder than living in Paris, I feel alive. Alive in that way you feel when you’re late to something and you’re running and the air goes into your lungs and invigorates you.

So I will keep running and someday spring will come and then summer will come and I will be lying in the grass in my yard on Whidbey Island totally bored out of my mind.

Sometimes boredom is what I want.


All you Washingtonians reading this I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather I am not bitter at all about the beautiful tulip fields and the blue sky and spring breeze. Not. bitter. at. all.

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