Five Things

Finally back in New York and gearing up for spring semester which starts tomorrow. My winter break was so long that I forgot how to walk fast and avoid making eye contact, but it’s quickly coming back to me.

Today’s Five Things are some of my favorite activities from my winter break.

IMG_94491. Watching Coupeville sunsets.

IMG_94802. Windy walks with Em.

IMG_95023. Exploring Vancouver BC.

IMG_95544. Skiing at Whistler with my dad.

IMG_95255. Hanging in the trees with the fam

I have a lot of goals for this semester which I hope will keep me happy and healthy but also with good grades and low stress. One of these goals was to wake up early on weekends, but both yesterday and today I woke up at noon. Can I blame it on jet lag when it’s only a three hour difference??

Anyway, I had a lovely break but it is time to gird my loins and get back to work!

Hope everyone had a nice start to the new year.


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