Eat More Hamburgers

The morning of New Year’s Eve I woke up early for party planning reasons and as I tumbled from bed in a crazy-haired daze, I looked outside my window and saw a deer. This is not unusual in these parts, but after taking a few pictures of said deer, I turned my head and through my morning vision saw that accompanying it was the White Stag, known for bringing messages from the Other World. He didn’t tell me anything, just stared and then walked off haughtily but it was still pretty majestic for nine in the morning. Not only did I ring in the New Year with a special visit from Coupeville’s one and only Magical White Stag, I was also graced by the presence of good friends and my family to eat delicious food and celebrate raucously.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 3.43.25 PMSparklers at midnight.

2014 was good to me, though it had ups and downs just like any year. I think the best (and consequently the most tumultuous) part of the year was over the summer when I made a home for myself in Paris, Washington, and New York all within the span of 4 or 5 months. Moving that much is tough, but I was never bored and I got to explore some of the best places on Earth (in my opinion.)

IMG_9393Dumpling making assembly line.


Singing oldies with Max and the fortune telling fish giving wise words to Lois.

I don’t make resolutions typically because I can’t keep them, but this year I did decide to eat more hamburgers after the realization that a hamburger and fries might be my favorite food ever.

IMG_9404 The New Year was made official with a plunge into the freezing Puget Sound waters.

Happy New Year everyone!


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