Along with the skeletons came a cold wind and I think finally, finally winter is approaching.


Because so far New York has been tricking me with the cold weather. There would be a day here and there with a cold rain or below 50’s breeze, but then the next day I would eagerly don my coat, scarf, and gloves only to shed them at lunchtime because of the surprisingly warm sun.

But walking home from the Halloween parade in the village was another story, because not only were Caitlin and I dodging drunk people dressed up as Waldo, but we were battling a stinging rain, and I thought to myself: This could be it. From now on it could be really cold.


And so far the cold has stayed. Today as I was sitting on a bench in Central Park doing some reading for class (Kafka’s Metamorphosis, which turns out to be quite different from the YA version I read when I was younger about a girl who turns into a fly and spends the whole day in the boy’s locker room) my fingers went numb because I had forgotten my gloves.


The cold weather is making me happy, though, because I keep thinking of upcoming ski trips and eating lots of good food. Even the rain makes me feel good because it smells fresh and I feel like New York could use a shower now and then to clean off the grime. And when it’s sunny and cold, it’s absolutely beautiful.


I’m glad to be in November.


PS: Stay tuned for Tuesday’s #newyorktoseattle video which will include lots of footage from the Halloween parade!

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