Five Things: Rousseau & Mister Softee

IMG_82181. Billboard inspo.

“Thus our earthly joys are almost without exception the creatures of a moment; I doubt whether any of us knows the meaning of lasting happiness. Even in our keenest pleasures there is scarcely a single moment of which the heart could truthfully say: ‘Would that this moment could last forever!’ and how can we give the name of happiness to a fleeting state which leaves our hearts still empty and anxious, either regretting something that is past or desiring something that is yet to come?” — Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Reveries of a Solitary Walker, Fifth Walk.

Rousseau probably never stumbled upon a Mr. Softee ice cream truck that was giving away soft serve for free. Because obviously free ice cream is the true meaning of lasting happiness. Especially when it’s 90 degrees outside.

(And don’t try to tell me that I completely missed the point of last week’s lecture on Rousseau and the romantic subject. Because we are only a week and a half in to Fall semester, so it is totally okay for me to get distracted by ice cream.)

IMG_82112. Free ice cream from Happy Socks.

I feel a constant sense of spontaneity living in New York City. I know that each time I step outside my building I will have a completely different experience because of the masses of individualistic people that live in the city, as well as the constant tide of events happening on every street corner. Sometimes the haphazardness feels relentless and tiring, but most days (days that include free ice cream and stolen balloons) I feel like I have all the luck in the world.

IMG_82303. Current obsession with succulents.

IMG_81904. My next door neighbor is a place called Vanessa’s Dumplings and it is wonderful.

IMG_82515. People (and squirrel) watching in Washington Square Park.


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