Packing Suitcases 101

IMG_8032Saying “au revoir” to Mt. Rainier.

No more are the days of me lugging two large suitcases through the city streets while simultaneously trying to read a map and avoid getting pick-pocketed, because now I know that light packing is the number one key to success.

Although to tell the truth, I didn’t actually pack lighter for my first year in New York, I just had two helpers (my parents) to drag suitcases with me. All in all, moving into a new city is easier with parents.

IMG_8970The view from my dorm room balcony.

So here I am, sitting in my dorm room on the 10th floor of Coral Towers (snazzy name right? Pretty sure that’s the only reason I chose to live here) looking down onto 3rd avenue and watching taxi drivers almost hit pedestrians. It feels good.

For being in such a busy city, I feel incredibly relaxed. Maybe it’s the fact that I arrived early with my parents and had time to adjust and have some fun before moving in, or maybe it’s the fact that I already have friends here that I met while in Paris. Or maybe I’m just better at traveling and moving and adjusting then I was a year ago.

It’s been a whirlwind weekend marked by the collision of summer vacation and the start of fall quarter. Saturday I was playing symbols at the Guggenheim with my parents, and seeing Micheal Cera in This is Our Youth on Broadway. Sunday was a completely different world of dorm check-ins and an insanely crowded, yet amazingly efficient trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (I could write a book about Bed, Bath, and Beyond on NYU move in day to be honest. It was incredible, yet it made me feel slightly delirious.)

IMG_8056The Guggenheim.

IMG_8054This symbol mobile was part of a really interesting Latin American exhibit called Under the Same Sun.

But now my parents have departed back to their island life in Coupeville and I have a week before classes begin to explore this amazing city with reckless abandon. I can already tell that I will never be bored.

IMG_8066In Central Park.


PS: Anyone remember how my sister Lois and I made those #ParistoSeattle videos? Well, we plan to keep it up this year as well. Stay tuned for for my video this week, which I will post on Thursday! #NewYorktoSeattle!!!

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