A Victorian-Mermaid-Steampunk-Pirate Summer

You know when you are going somewhere by yourself and along the way you meet another person that’s also by themselves and they strike up a conversation with you by saying something really odd? Like, “see anything out there?” as you’re both on the ferry observation deck. And you kinda tell the truth, but incorporate some lies while wondering if they’re flirting with you or lonely, or just extremely talkative. And then the ferry ride ends and you part ways without saying “goodbye” or “nice to meet you” because you don’t know each other, so there is no obligation. And it leaves you wondering: did that person want something more from me? A name, perhaps a phone number? Less lies, more truth? Or was what I gave them just enough? Was it enough of a conversation to leave them with a smile, maybe feeling a bit less alone and a bit more excited about living and about humanity in general? Or maybe they’re asking the same questions I ask myself as I step off the ferry and head on my way.


It’s the dog days of summer, hot days pass slowly with an end date attached: 17 days until I move in to my school-home in the city. I haven’t been good at keeping up my blog this summer, but for a solid reason. These past couple of months have been hard, not in a life debilitating “I can’t even get out of bed” sort of way, but more in a “tomorrow will be better” sort of way. I spent the early months job searching and trying to come down from the high of Paris (read: trying not to get angry when people asked me if I liked it. Screaming “OF COURSE I LIKED IT, IT’S PARIS,” and sarcastically saying, “No I hated it quite honestly,” both unacceptable responses). Then came the big move to the island, which took longer than expected, and now that we are finally here I feel like I can take a big deep breath of sea air and relax. Only to have to uproot and move to NYC in about three weeks.

Not that I’m complaining to live in two of the most amazing parts (in my opinion) of the US: a small town on an island in Washington surrounded by ocean and mountains, and another island on the other side of the country containing North America’s largest metropolis. It might just take some adjustment.

But I try not to think too hard about it all–typical, to be honest–and instead try to soak up the summer rays and the beauty that surrounds me on Whidbey Island.


My time is divided up between riding ferries, walking down to the coffee shop on the pier of Coupeville, reading, meeting strange but friendly people, and taking Canadian tourists to their tables at the Olive Garden in Burlington.

Throw in a couple motorcycle rides and eating pizza and gelato at Ciao and you have the perfect description of my last month in Washington. Sounds like paradise, right?

IMG_7909Currently reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Definitely recommend if you’re in to books that throw you for a loop.

IMG_7859My dad and I now have headsets in our motorcycle helmets. We can wear them around the house and talk to each other from different rooms. Amazing.

IMG_7908Port Townsend dock from my reading nook at the coffee shop. Blue skies, blue sea.

This weekend is the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Fair, where I will be searching for homemade clothing to perfect my new Victorian Mermaid Steampunk Pirate look.


Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer, and remembering to take a deep breath every now and again.


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