Five Things

IMG_68781. Visiting one of my favorite sculptures in the Louvre and trying to take artsy photographs. (Psyché Ranimée Par le Baiser de l’Amour by Antonio Canova)

A two week long spring break feels luxurious at the end of a tiring second semester. Putting off my homework until the last possible second, I’ve been using my time to walk the streets of Paris, visiting museums when it rains and picnicking when it’s nice. (And marathoning old episodes of Merlin….. but mostly Paris exploring.)

IMG_68962. Walks through the Latin Quarter with Caitlin, eating gyros and admiring the Notre Dame from several different angles.

IMG_68413. Visiting the bird marché on Easter Sunday.

IMG_69304. Sunny walks in Montmartre.

IMG_69455. Fruits and veg at the marché on Boulevard Richard Lenoir


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