Five Things

IMG_47761. Paris exists only when I look.

I used to wonder why my parents would wake up early on Saturday mornings and vacuum or go grocery shopping. I would lie in bed and think, “Aren’t weekends for relaxing and having fun?” But experience has taught me that if I don’t clean during the weekend, I wake up on Monday morning and can’t find my wallet because it’s buried under books and papers, and I end up haphazardly putting on wrinkly clothes from a pile on the floor. It makes for a hectic morning, the kind that turns the rest of the day (and possibly week) into a giant hot mess. It took me half of the year, but I have finally started cleaning on Saturday mornings (well ok, more like afternoons) and found it to be quite relaxing, made even more fun by listening to a little Pink Martini and dancing around.

IMG_48282. Saturday morning relaxation.

IMG_48183. The Louvre at night.

IMG_44554. Dreaming of London. (Picadilly Circus)

IMG_47825. Rodin in le jardin de tuileries.


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