Back in Paris

After a frivolous winter break, life has begun to restart in Paris, and by life I mean school. While I’m not looking forward to waking up tomorrow and metro-ing across the city to get to class by 9 am, I am rather excited for a new quarter and a fresh start.

IMG_4791The latest street art on Oberkampf.

For my last day of freedom I strolled around Paris with Judy after attending church, stopping at 10 Belles for a cappuccino and then window shopping and looking at flowers in local florist shops.

IMG_4790Along Canal St. Martin.

Spring approaches and I am coming out of hibernation mode and ready for the second half of my year in Paris. I’ve always found New Year’s Resolutions to be useless; this year is no exception. But on top of that, I have no need for resolutions because I live in such an amazing city and am surrounded by amazing people and each day it makes me feel like living.

And now the ultimate end-of-winter-break question haunts me: why did I screw up my sleeping schedule so much? It is now 11:45 pm and I have the choice of watching a couple more episodes, or getting a good 8-hours in. Hopefully I make the right choice.


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