Burgers and Monet

It was a four day weekend here in Paris, and while many of the NYU Parisians decided to use the time to travel around Europe, a few of us decided to stay in the city and use the time to explore parts of Paris we hadn’t seen yet.

For me and my friend Judy, the weekend became all about food, as we flipped through the pages of my favorite Paris guidebook by Janelle McCulloch and thought about places we wanted to go.

Our first stop was to Angelina Tea Room. Located next to le Jardin de Tuileries in the 1st arrondissement, Angelina is famous for their lovely teas and hot chocolates. The tea room is also known to have been frequented by the lovely Coco Chanel.


After a short wait in line, we were sitting in the elegant tea room drinking the famous chocolat blanc with whipped cream. It was a perfect thing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


Sunday was a beautiful fall day, and we headed to le Musée Marmottan which houses a large collection of Monet paintings. They also have a temporary exhibition right now called Les Soeurs de Napoleon, which focuses on Napoleon’s family.


The Monet’s were stunning, and afterwards while walking in the chilly air through a park in the 16th arrondissement, Judy and I decided to go on a hunt for soup. It being a Sunday, there weren’t many cafés open, but we eventually decided on Café Aero, which is quite near the NYU Paris campus. I indulged in one of my favorite French foods: soupe à l’oignon.

Today after sleeping in and doing a little bit of homework, Judy and I ventured out for dinner and had delicious burgers and fries from Big Fernand, a lively burger joint in the 9th arrondissement. The burgers were superb and the atmosphere was really fun, with some good tunes and extremely friendly burger-makers. The crowd at Fernand’s was rather bobo (bobo stands for bourgeois bohème, and is like a richer, French version of hipster). We left with full bellies and lifted spirits, a perfect way to end the four day weekend.

IMG_3937(Trés bobo, Judy)

Hope your weekend was as fab as mine:)


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