Lexicon – L

My inspiration for this post came from my sister.

(I chose the letter L because it is my favorite)


latté, n.

Rich foamy goodness with an ability to heal headaches and warm up the back of the throat. Best with 2% milk and two sugars.


1. The air that bubbles up and out of my throat and my nose and then sneaks through my teeth and pushes my mouth into a smile that hurts.

2. Unstoppable once started.

3. Usually occurs in inappropriate moments.

4. Hissing, snorting, squeaking.

learn, verb

1. The reason I am in Paris, France sitting on my bed in my apartment and writing on a blog.

2. The reason I can ride a motorcycle, play the cello, read, write, make espresso drinks, and do everything that I love doing.

little, adj. 

1. A feeling I can’t shake.

2. Younger, childlike, powerless.


1. The strength of my heart when I make myself do something that gives me anxiety.

“I must become a lion hearted girl/Ready for a fight/Before I make the final sacrifice” –Florence + the Machine ‘Rabbit Heart’

loathe, verb

1. A feeling I get when someone talks on their cell phone in public.

2. A time when all sharp objects should be taken away from me and the room should be cleared of all living things except cats because cats understand what it feels like to be steaming with loathing hatred.


Something I read about in books.

luxury, n. 

How I will live when I meet someone incredibly rich and make them fall in love with me.





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