Five Things


Tea & toast

Yesterday I was walking home from the subway and I thought to myself, “I had a really good day today.” It’s not that having a good day is unusual for me, but that moment of acknowledgment made me appreciate it more.

I also realized that when I’m feeling good I don’t walk in a straight line. I look around at trees, cars, people and sometimes try to find stars in the sky (not as easy in New York). I zig zag, stepping on leaves, hopping over cracks in the pavement, being silly in small ways.


This massive sunflower, reminding us that it’s not quite scarf season yet. Calm down.


Sunset views from the Queens subway line.


When the sun wakes me up slowly & warmly. Also the health of my plants.


(If you don’t watch this show about lesbian vampires then are we really friends?)

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