Jardin Journale: Late winter inspiration

Winter is on its way out and I am counting down the days until spring blooms. Our jardin is steadily being prepped for planting seeds: I'm slowly getting rid of major weeds and an invasive ground cover plant that I hate. After I finish adding compost to the soil next weekend, we are going to … Continue reading Jardin Journale: Late winter inspiration

Jardin Journale: After the rain

It's been raining nonstop for the past month. But this week was one of the worst yet. Day after day of unrelenting rainfall left me feeling like I might drown in the growing mud puddle surrounding my house. So when the clouds parted Friday afternoon and I saw blue sky for the first time in … Continue reading Jardin Journale: After the rain

Haiku Wednesday

Leaves fall, a breeze blows. The transition to Autumn is easy this year. One reason for that is this Victorian town: a beauty in fall. I find most solace from the warmth of another; close on those cold days.