Jardin Journale: Greet Spring

We moved into our house in late November, and after a full December, only got around to planting daffodil bulbs in January. I was convinced they weren't going to show up at all this year. But just like all the gardening advice columns I consulted, it looks like they're going to be late bloomers. Last … Continue reading Jardin Journale: Greet Spring

Jardin Journale: Gardening, not cancelled

On the last day of freedom before our sheltering-in-place began, Libby and I made our way over to Mount Vernon to soak in some sunshine—both the actual rays on this first spring Saturday of the year and the sunny, yellow fields of daffodils. The farms weren't open to the public, so we had a socially … Continue reading Jardin Journale: Gardening, not cancelled