Day Dream

When I daydream, most times I daydream about riding a motorcycle on a curving road surrounded by trees.¬†I do this because before I left for college, when I was 18 years old, my dad and I would go for motorcycle rides together on sunny¬†weekends. I would follow my dad on his red Honda 250, me … Continue reading Day Dream


Truth-telling, witchcraft, bread-and-butter

Friday night Judy and I were having a slumber party. Yes, it is possible to have a slumber party with someone you already live with. Just add: face masks, wine, deep talks. Eventually we ended up sprawled on Judy's bed, reading through our old journals which were both hilarious and illuminating. Things are different since … Continue reading Truth-telling, witchcraft, bread-and-butter

Island Stories

For spring break I brought two of my friends from college to the wild wild west known as Coupeville, WA. They'd never been to the PNW before and so got to experience some special Washington things, such as rain.