The Quiet American – Graham Greene

I felt very serendipitous for a week when three of my classes converged on the same topic. In my Francophone literature class we had just learned about the second wave of French colonialism, when their "civilizing mission" prompted them to colonize Indochina, as well as large parts of Africa. Then, in my course on the current French … Continue reading The Quiet American – Graham Greene

The American Way of Eating – Tracie McMillan

I read The American Way of Eating:  Undercover at Walmart, Applebee's, Farm Fields and the Dinner Table for my Undercover Reporting class and so, like with any class reading, I expected to do the bare minimum of actual reading. (I realize this makes me seem like a grade A slacker, but the "Do All Readings" … Continue reading The American Way of Eating – Tracie McMillan