Paris Preparations: Level Chic

I’ve been working away at my new job at Starbucks (pro Frappuccino maker right here, and you should see my latte foam!) and suddenly it is August and my countdown to France is at 28 days.

It seems to be all I can think about, but can you blame me? Paris for 9 months is an exciting prospect.

So I’ve been doing some preparing, such as buying towels and a laundry basket, and generally worrying about figuring out how to ride the metro. What I’ve found to be the most helpful in preparing for la belle Paree is a book I recently bought called “Parisian Chic,” written by the chicest of chic, Ines de la Fressange.


This is not your average Paris guidebook (although I have one of those, too: The Lonely Planet Paris book provides a lovely metro map) but is more of a step by step guide to becoming a true Parisian.


Accompanied by her cute illustrations, Fressange provides the guide to dressing, going out, decorating, hosting parties, and living the Parisian way. On top of all her down-to-earth-French-woman advice, she gives detailed lists (pictures included) of her favorite places in Paris to shop, eat, and have fun.

Being interested in fashion, and at the right age to be identifying my own personal style, Fressange’s first chapter “Dress Like a Parisian,” is my favorite, mostly because I find that she has a similar idea about fashion that I do: wear what you like and what looks good on you.


















Of course, she also provides a list of fashion faux pas, so it’s not always wear what you want. For example: hair scrunchies, or sandals with white socks.

I can’t disagree with that.

Of course, Paris is known to turn the average girl into a sophisticated and chic woman, a la Audrey Hepburn in “Sabrina,” but not wanting to shoot too high, I’m setting my hopes on coming home and being able to do an excellent fake French accent.

Nonetheless, merci to Ines for the lovely guidance as I prepare for my Parisian adventure!



3 thoughts on “Paris Preparations: Level Chic

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Miss Lily! i like your blog!
    i have been looking for that book but here in Argentina it does not exist!! So could you please take pictures of it ad upload?? please, i want to enjoy this book as you do..
    Thaks and good luck in Paris!!!

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