A Lovely Rose Cake for a Lovely Sister

Along with being Father’s Day, it’s also my sister Lois’ 21st birthday and she requested that I make this beautiful rose petal cake for the celebrations.


We originally found pictures of this cake on Tumblr, and then later searched for the recipe, which we found on this blog.

The white cake recipe has rose water extract as well as almond extract and vanilla extract, creating a lovely flavor. It also has a large amount of egg whites and butter so it was light, but also rather dense.


The rose water extract consists of rose oil and water. It can also be used as body spray!



The buttercream frosting has chopped up rose petals from one rose bud, as well as rose water flavoring. It’s very sweet and delicious.


Before the frosting had time to set, we stuck on the petals that we took from some red roses. And voilĂ ! A beautiful rose petal cake, perfect for a beautiful sister who is turning 21.


The final product!


Happy Birthday, Lois!


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