Sunday Afternoon Rides

In a world full of senior projects, exams, Visa forms, watching too much TV, and tweeting instead of studying, I try to find peace.

And the best way for me to do that is on a motorcycle.

Granite Falls ice cream cone. 

Lake Stevens coffee.

Usually it’s Sunday afternoons, when the sun peeks out and my dad and I hop on the bikes and head out for a joyride.

We take backroads, my dad knows the best ones for a beginner rider like me, and just ride. Everything is more beautiful when you’re cruising down the road on a motorcycle.

We speed past green pastures and through overhanging trees on our way to Granite Falls, or circle around the sparkling Lake Stevens while admiring the large lakeside houses.

I remember in freshman and sophomore year, I used to daydream during class about speeding down a road on a motorcycle. Riding away from everything.

And that’s exactly what I do.

While my helmet’s on, I forget everything.

And when I take it off again, everything seems a little bit easier to handle.

So my advice to you: Ride motorcycles.


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