Miss Blog

Quite a bit of blogging happening lately…

This quarter, I have been named the blogger for The Clipper, Everett Community College’s student run newspaper. The Clog, which could use a little tender love and care, has become my responsibility and I intend to post once a day, whether it’s an article written by me or by another staff member.

Today’s post is about a Humanities lecture
 I attended on enlightenment.

Not only have I become the Clipper blogger (the Clogger?) but I am also taking a Multimedia journalism class in which we have to create blogs using the WordPress interface.

It’s exciting to be doing all of this blogging, and learning a lot of new techniques.

I’m hoping to apply all of these new ideas for when I am studying in Paris next year, where I will be blogging about all of my adventures.

Lois, blogger for She Must Assemble (and also my sister) created a seperate blog for when she spent a quarter in London.

I’m thinking of using this blog for my adventures á Paris, but I haven’t decided yet.

Any suggestions?


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