Macaron Madness Day Two

My second try at making macarons was a huge improvement. Learning from the mistakes I made yesterday, I quickly perfected my technique and the macarons turned out lovely.

I changed the quantities I used on ingredients based on this recipe from Pop Sugar and I bought some plastic pastry bags from JoAnn’s to help make the macarons into more perfect circles.

The crucial step: add the flour mixture a little bit at a time and fold to incorporate.

The batter was a lot more smooth this time because I used less almond meal and I sifted it twice after putting it through the food processor. This helped to create the shiny texture of the batter.


Much better looking than yesterday!


I’m not very skilled at using pastry bags: next time I’ll
remember that all of the batter does not fit into one bag!

Now that I’ve tried, I realized that making macarons really isn’t that difficult, it just takes a little practise.

Maybe later this week I will try a different flavor. (The pistachio macarons I had in Paris were wonderful!)

The little ruffle around the bottom is called
the “pied” which is “foot” in French.


A little strawberry buttercream in the middle and voila!
The perfect macaron.
Not only did I make perfect macarons today, I also
made my own peanut butter cups! YUM.


All in all, today’s baking experience was a success. And now I have some delicious snacks for the Supernatural Marathon I am having tomorrow with my friend Liz!


4 thoughts on “Macaron Madness Day Two

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so amazing Lily! Do they freeze well? If you have some extras, throw them in the freezer and bring them to the DOC next weekend. Can't wait to see you!Wendy Schindler

  2. Mikayla Henke says:

    Hey Lily love your blog. Those look amazing! I just went to "La Panier", a french bakery right by Pikes, and tried a macaroon. We got hazelnut, vanilla, and chocolate. Chocolate was definitely the best 😀

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