You look beautiful.

Purples and reds for fall. How iconic.
Photo by Charley Praither.

Skin is in.

Radiant skin, that is.
Glowing skin.
Bright skin.

(Not shining, though. Use powder to get rid of shine.)

The big trend at Nordstrom’s Fall Cosmetic Trend Show was radiant skin.

Fresh, young and flawless skin matches the wintery air along with a crisp red lip. And maybe an ombre eye shadow.

The trend show, like always, was enourmous amounts of fun. Liz, Charley and I woke up before dawn and headed down to rainy Seattle. We enjoyed the rest of the day learning makeup tricks, gathering our free samples, getting facials and having our makeup done.

Liz and I and Grace Face. (Pre make-over)
Photo by Charley Praither.

Charley getting his Philosphy oxegyn peel.
Photo by Charley. 
The loot. Red patent leather goody
bag loaded with free samples.

Makeup done by the lovely ladies at the
Yves Saint Laurent makeup counter. 

We ended the day with pork buns at Pike Place, Cupcake Royale and a little shopping.
It was fabulous.


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