The Life of an Orphan.

My parents are gone for two weeks on a camping trip leaving my sister and me to fend for ourselves at home (is this something I should share with the world wide web? Oh well…) and so I have decided to chronicle a few of the lessons I’ve learned from living the life of a foul bachelorette.

1. Passion Tea stains the counters.

                2. The temperature button on the hot tub is not a toy.

(Upon hearing the temperature of the hot tub yesterday, one of my friends said, “We’re going to slowly cook our insides!” … after about fifteen minutes of cooking we decided to add some cold hose water.)

3. The mail comes every day except Sunday.


4. It is possible to watch too much TV.

Besides having to reclean the house almost daily (it is impossibly hard to keep a clean house when you’re having fun!) I am having a lovely time living on my own.
I could definitely get used to this:)

More to come soon…

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