Fashion Suicide.

Also known as the pant suit.

A few of the worst pant suit offenders,
Hilary and Angela.

You know what I’m talking about.

Every woman in politics has at one time abused the power of the pant suit.

They want to go for that professional, political look.

They think it says, “I can handle any problems because I wear a pant suit.”

In reality it says, “Look at me I’m a politician wearing a terrible pant suit.”

What exactly makes the pant suit so horrible?
Let’s find out…

Problems with the Pant Suit:

Major pant problem. 

1.) The pants. Usually they are way too baggy, which makes one look like they have large hips and sausage legs.

Sausage legs are never good.

Christine in a pant suit. 

2.) The blazer is too short. Which emphasizes the pants. Which brings us back to the sausage legs.

Also, a too short blazer makes it look like one’s personal shopper didn’t get the right size. Not classy.

Sorry, Hils… but all orange? 

3.) The color is either extremely dull or way to gaudy. The pant suit in grey or black is fine, but more often we see outrageous colors of bright orange and coral and green.

When the entire suit is a bright color it just becomes hard on the eyes.

So… is there ever a good pant suit?

Well, yes. But it has to be done carefully.
Here’s a good example:

Michelle never fails us.
Her pant suit is in a nice light yellow. It’s not too bright, but not boring either.

The pants are baggy, but they are also bell bottoms which gives her legs a nice long and flowing look.

The jacket is long enough so it does not emphasize her hips and she has it sinched with a belt to flatter her waist.
It’s really well done.

So, the lesson here is be careful when it comes to pant suits.

They’re dangerous.

If we all become educated about this terrible pant suit dilemma I think we can work together to put it to an end.

It will be a pant suit revolution.
Who’s with me?


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