Re: What’s Sexy?

I recently stumbled upon the blog of a former english teacher of mine, and while I enjoyed all of his witty and entertaining thoughts, there was one blog post that stood out among the rest. 
I think it was the first statement that caught my attention:

“OK, I’ve had it. I’m angry. Burned. Waxed. Pissed. Here’s my story.”

Immediately intrigued I continued to read and found out that his anger was concerning the “Sexiest Man Alive” issue of People magazine (the one featuring Bradley Cooper!). 
Of course, I happen to be quite a fan of the “Sexiest Man Alive” issue of People magazine, so I couldn’t help but wonder (with some cynicism) what my retired english teacher would have to be angry about it. 

But I soon began to see where his anger was coming from. This particular “Sexiest Man Alive” issue of People magazine did not feature any men over the age of 59. 
(Fun Fact: Liam Neeson happened to be that sexy 59-year-old)

And so I have decided to make up for People magazine’s mistake and come up with my own edition of “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Five of The Sexiest Men Alive Over the Age of 60:

*Disclaimer: I am not a sexy man expert. This is just my opinion…

1. Harrison Ford. 69 years old. No woman could turn down that crooked smile…
2. Alan Rickman. Age 66. Super sexy in every way. Especially with that deep voice.

3. Robert Redford. Age 75. He’s still got that lovely hair.

4. Paul McCartney. 69 years old. He’s a Beatle. Enough said there.

5. Sean Connery. Age 81. Sexy is a super classy way…

These are just five of the sexy men over the age of 60, I’m sure there are loads more…
So, did I miss anyone?

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