Hopes for a Seattle Fashion District

Chanel Haute Couture.

Seattle is not known for its fashion sense.

Maybe it’s because of the rain, or maybe it’s the outdoorsey location.
It might just be because of the relaxed attitude of most Seattle dwellers.

But with a new hopes for a garment district in Seattle, our absence in the fashion world may be coming to an end.

Seattle fashion enthusiast Steven Matsumoto got the ball rolling about a year ago by founding the Seattle Fashion Incubator. The organization provides opportunities for small fashion businesses to learn and grow in the industry.

In an interview on The News Chick radio show Matsumoto spoke about Seattle fashion:

“Seattle is a ‘come as you are’ party… you’re free to express who you are and fashion is an outward expression of who you are through apparel.”

Seattle fashion designer Marta Kappl is thinking along the same lines as Matsumoto.

Kappl owns a studio in Belltown, where she is teaching designers the tricks of the trade and how to run their own business. 

She believes that Seattle has great potential to become a fashion famous city. 

“There used to be a huge fashion industry here and there still is to some extent. Designers just need a model to help them sustain,” sais Kappl. 

To help launch the idea of a fashion district, Kappl is holding a “Haute Cuisine meets Haute Fashion” night tonight at 7, along with Seattle restaraunt owner Tom Douglas. 

“Somebody has to do it, so why not me?” said Kappl about building the fashion industry in Seattle. 

However, Matsumoto believes it will take quite a while for the garment district to show up. 

“Moving forward, I would love to see the garment district in the next five years – that’s my dream,” said Matsumoto. “Realistically it’s probably going to take 10-15 [years] to pull it together.”

So keep an eye out in the next couple of years for Seattle’s growing fashion industry. 

Personally, I can’t contain my excitement. What if we had a Seattle Fashion Week just like in New York, and Paris? 


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