My Day at the Trend Show…

My adventures at the spring
Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show.

At 7:15 this morning I stepped off the bus on the corner of 5th and Pine, right across from the Seattle Nordstrom.

The streets were relatively empty, and as I walked to the east entrance of the store I pretended I was on my way to a secret and highly elite meeting.

I approached the clear glass doors, and a Nordstrom employee stuck his head out asking,

“Are you here for the Cosmetic Trend Show?”

I nodded and he ushered me in with a smile.

I was greeted immediately by well dressed and smiling employees who handed me my goody-bag and instructed me to go to the third floor.

 I grabbed a complimentary coffee and muffin and took my seat in the front row (it pays to be early), noting the beautiful coral background of the runway.

Once it started, the show went by fast. It was a “Beauty Getaway” that highlighted glowing skin, sun-dressed eyes and splash-glam lips.

Nordstrom spring fashion trends. 


Were just a few words I jotted down on my program during the show.

My favorite dress from the show.
By Willow and Clay.
Some bold color-blocking.

After the show, we all went down to the first floor where the cosmetics counters were ready and waiting for us.

Chaos ensued.

If you ever walk into Nordstrom one day and it looks like this, you
 have just walked into a trend show. Leave immediately.

Most ladies set up an appointment to get their makeup done, but I didn’t want to be tied down with a time (especially since I never carry a watch or any other time-keeping device.)

I walked around and collected all the free handouts, occasionally trying things and watching a couple demonstrations.

While doing this, I secured a couple tricks to succeeding at a trend show:

1. Say yes to everything.

(At the Philosophy counter a man in a pink shirt asked me, “Would you like me to test the hydration of your face?” while holding an instrument that looked scarily similar to a pregnancy testing device.
So, I smiled and said, “Why not?”)

2. Don’t be in a hurry. Take the time to listen and learn. That’s what you’re there for, right?

3. Everyone working there is trying to sell you something. They will make their product sound faaabulous, dahling.

Eyes done at the Bobbi Brown counter.
Nails shellaced with CND nailpolish.
(Supposed to last for two weeks!)
In the bathroom on the 5th floor.

I got my nails done in the Nordstrom spa, which is on their special fifth floor. (You have to take the elevator up because the escalator only goes to the 4th floor)

I spent at least ten minutes in a super luxurious bathroom, where I proceeded to sample all of the complimentary hair and perfume products they had on the counter.

The view coming down on the escalator.

And so, after spending more than a couple hours on the cosmetics floor of Nordstrom I emerged, blinking in the sunlight, on Pine Street.

I smelled like a combination of about ten perfumes, I had coral nails and coral lipstick (Noticed the coral trend yet?), sparkling eyes, a glowing face and shiny hair. (I also had a goody bag full of freebies!)

Taking a deep breath of not-very-fresh city air, I headed in the direction of Tiffany’s.

Because there is nothing better than the calm and relaxing atmosphere of Tiffany’s after a long morning at the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend show.


All of my freebies:)

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