Masterpiece Thatre’s Latest Classic.

This April, Masterpiece Theatre released a new mini series version of the Dickens novel, Great Expectations.

It is a new and very different interpretation of the novel.

This adaptation of the story is perfect for someone who hasn’t actually read the book (like me, although I did read the Wikipedia version).

The filming is artistic and sets the haunting mood of the story.

It also has a very modern feel, which keeps it interesting. Many period classics can drag on for ages and never go anywhere, but this adaptation keeps one glued to the T.V. screen, unable to miss a second of the story.

Though the adaptation did not follow the story completely (we can’t have everything!), it was still very entertaining.

Booth is also a model for Burberry.
(Ya don’t say?)

The main character, Pip, was played by masterpiece actor Douglas Booth. He made Pip very likeable, but that could just be because he is so attractive.

He did a good job at showing how confusing it might be for someone to become suddenly wealthy.

Anderson was previously in Masterpiece’s
Bleakhouse as Lady Honoria Dedlock.

Miss Havisham was played by Gillian Anderson, who did an excellent interpretation of the crazed character.

Not only did she look incredibly creepy (and continued to get more creepy-looking throughout the story), but her actions and voice were also quite eerie.

Anderson gave Miss Havisham an ethereal presence and manic tendencies, and she fit the description of being a fragile butterfly pinned to a wall.

Miss Havisham puts on her wedding veil
before she burns to death.
Her harsh beauty fit the character perfectly.

At first I was unsure of how Vanessa Kirby was portraying the character Estella, but as the story went on I realized she was doing quite well.

She had the proper amount of coldness, but also showed her slight weakness for Pip.

The ending of the story, which is different in every film version, was well done.

It didn’t give away too much, but left one with a feeling of hope that maybe Pip and Estella will get together after all.

Because who doesn’t love a happy ending?


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