Thoughts from Places.

Nobody cares when it rains. And when the sun shines, people beam with friendliness.

Reasons I love going downtown Seattle:

  • Pike Place Market. I like going on a weekday so that I can wander aimlessly through the market, making stops at all my favorite places.


  • The Skybridge. I like to look at the city from another angle.
  • Westlake. I have a lot of childhood memories here (especially in the fountain). The open space makes the city seem more relaxed and calm.
  • Shop windows. My method of keeping up with fashion trends is to window shop. Stores always put their most fashionable clothes in the window displays.
  • Coffee. There is a Starbucks around every street corner downtown Seattle. After a long day of shopping, I relax by sitting outside with my drink and people watching.
Even though I plan on moving to New York City after I graduate, I will always love Seattle.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from Places.

  1. Lily says:

    It was Tuesday morning so there wasn't very many people around. Also i seem to have the ability to take pictures when there are no people. even if there were people there.

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